Best Chocolates in the World – Popular Chocolate Brands

Best chocolate in the world

When we planned  to discuss about best chocolate in the world, we thought it is going to be very easy but actually it  was really a tough task for us to come up with authentic  ranking of chocolates, however we have nailed it. Here is the result,  we have gathered data from different sources like Wikipedia and some other and bring up for you the best chocolate.

We also have taken the help from the fox-news which makes our data a little bit easier.

So not wasting too much here and there here is the list of best chocolate in the world.

#1 Amedei –Tuscany

Best chocolate


Yes this is the no. 1 chocolate company in the world. This Italian based award-winning chocolate company was founded in 1990 by Cecilia Tessieri and is famous for its handmade fine chocolates.  Cecila Amedei is also known for its cupcakes. This chocolate is much costly and might be priced over $150 per pound, ie a 50 gm chocolate bar will cost you about $ 18-$19. However if you planning to give it to someone special then the price doesn’t matter at all.

#2 Leonidas

Leonidas the top brand


Started with love affair of American named Leonidas who fell in love with a Belgian girl who has opened a tea in Belgium (Ghento) .  Yes, Leonidas began selling chocolates after winning the Ghent gold at world fair  in the late 1913. Today Leonidas is one of the finest chocolates brands. It is also known for its artisanal products.

#3 Boveti.

3rd best chocolate


The brand started by Valter Boveti and is one of the top quality chocolate from the famous African “chocolate Island” (Sao Tome).  Boveti is currently making more than 150 different kinds of impressive chocolate bars. This brand is exclusively known for its different taste flavored with Coriander and fennel , in some of its bars there is also the taste of ginger, dried tomato, and chili.

#4 Valrhona

Best chocolate brand


This french brand is also a reputed chocolate brand and is known for its limited Chocolate edition according to the yield of its cocoa. Its products are mostly used by chefs in high-grade luxurious restaurants. It also produces a vintage chocolate made from the cocoa harvest of a specific plantation over a year. One of the oldest chocolate brand and  is in the service from 1922.

#5 Michel Cluizel Chocolates

Michele best chocolates

Michelle Cluizel

It is another best french chocolate brand and is world-famous for its unique taste which forced us to keep it in the list of best chocolate in the world . Being carved out from a family confectionery business and initiated from the kitchen, no one had guessed that time this is going to be a brand and still growing.

# 6 Scharffen Berger

Best Scahffen berger chocolates

Scharffen Burger

The Scharffen Berger brand launched its chocolate in 1997. Being a popular wine brand the company doesn’t faced much problem in gaining popularity. There is a nice story related with emergence of this chocolate brand you can read it  here . This is the first brand of its time which produced from bean to bar unlike others who gathered chocolates from the whole sellers or other sources.

# 7 Republica del Cacao

Republica chocolates brands

Republica del Cacao

Republica del cacao is best known for its authentic chocolates. It is a Ecuador based company founded in 2004.  If you are a real cholcoholic then Republica del cacao must be in your bucket list.  The each and every steps involved in making these chocolates from the cultivation of cacao to the finally molded Choco bars, done with expertise to keep the quality high.

#8 Lindt & Sprungli

Best chocolate in the world

Lindt Excellence.

These Swiss made chocolates are in the business since 1845, being one of the oldest chocolate manufacturer it has preserved its quality and enhanced them accordingly with time.  The brand aroused from a small confectionery shop in Zürich owned by David Sprungli Schwarz and his daughter. The brand makes over forty different flavored chocolates of which “Single Origin Ecuador” is the most famous. Excellence 85 percent cocoa bar and Excellence intense orange is also famous.

#9 Soma

Soma the top quality chocolates


The brand Soma was established in 2003 by David Castellan and Cynthia Leung in Toronto. Soma chocolates are world-famous for its manufacturing quality. Really Soma deserves a place in the chocolate industry for its personalized festive based launches. They make a wide variety of chocolates, bars and bakes. You will also find the look of these chocolates a little bit more attractive in respect to its rival.

# 10 Vosges

Top brand chocolates of the world


A simple but sober brand founded by Katrina Markoff. If you are looking for seasonal based chocolate then Vosges will be the best option for you as this company has a huge collection of seasoned based products to choose from. Its bestseller “Exotic Truffle Collection” will cost you about $45 and “Dark Ensemble du Chocolate” is its top product which will cost you about $150.

So these are the top 10 chocolate brands, which are world known for their superior quality BQ will bring the detailed description of each of these best chocolates later on.

Now let’s have a look at some more extraordinary chocolate brands of the world.

# Anna Shea Chocolates

City : Arboretum of South Barrington

Country: USA

Website: www.annasheachocolates.com

# Chocolate Moderne

City: New York

Country: USA

Web link:  www.chocolatmoderne.com


West Chester, USA

Web link: www.eclatchocolate.com

Theo Chocolate

Seattle Washington

Url: www.theochocolate.com

Ferrero Rocher

A well known brand.

There is huge no of chocolates brands in the world, however we have picked some of the best for you, It doesn’t mean that others are not good. The above ranking is based on the popularity and other various aspects. It might be possible that there must exist some other brands which is better than these ones.

Now just look at the Best Sellers Chocolates  of the World.

Apart from the best chocolate in the world these are not the best but certainly among the best sellers.

#1 Mars  – Snickers

Best seller chocolates


Yes snickers is the world’s best seller chocolate, Snicker is an exclusive product of mars chocolates. Mars is well-known brand for its delicious taste, which put them in the top of the list. Currently it is making a different flavor of snickers.

#2 Toblerlone

Best seller



It is an American “Krafts Food” product known for its prism  shape bars. However the origin of these chocolates has taken place in Switzerland, so you may call it Swiss.

#3 Diary Milk – Cadbury Chocolates

Diary Milk best seller

Diary Milk

This is one of my favorite brand and is also one of the best sellers in the world. Cadbury is named after its founder John Cadbury and is in business since 1865. It’s latest product Cadbury diary milk Silk is already booming the market. These chocolate can be found in each and every corner of the world and is quite famous brand which makes it the best seller.

#4 Hershey Chocolates

top sellers chocolates


This is the another one in the best sellers family. Being the first mass manufactured chocolate in the US, it has produced over a range of chocolate flavours since 1900. It is also known for its Calorie composition in its products.

#5 Milky Way

Milky Way Best chocolates

Milky Way

Also a Mars product.

#6 Nestle Kit-Kat



Kit-Kat is also in the race of best sellers and so is the Nestle. Do you know that NEstle is making over 200 different flavored Chocolates.

#7 Musketeers

The top seller


Another best seller by Mars.

#8 Mars

The Bestseller


This also one of the top quality bar manufactured by Mars Chocolates.

This is what we have. If you have some other list of best chocolates or which of these is your best one, then let us know via dropping comments below.


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