15 Best Torrent Sites List 2016

Best Torrent Sites 2016

So it is over to you , we are ready with the top and best torrent sites list for 2016 . Everyone likes to get free stuffs. Torrent is the only way to share big data over internet. Torrents sites makes it possible for you to download any type of file like movies, games, software and lot more even banned or pirated doesn’t matter here. If you wish to download any publically banned file for free then torrent is the best option for you.

Torrents sites work on Peer to Peer file sharing which is based on direct sharing of files by the users. Here the file is not downloaded from a single server but instead the torrent allows users to join  number of hosts to download and upload files. If you are new to torrents then you should know how to download a file via torrent.

How to download file via Torrent Sites.

Its not so hard to download any file from the torrents via below steps.

  1. Find a torrent tracker website which have a list of torrents.
  2. Search for the file you are looking to download and investigate its quality and sizes.
  3. Install a torrent client, you can easily find a torrent client on the internet just download and install it. BitTorrent is popular torrent client. You can check best torrent clients here.
  4. Now, download the file via “get this torrent” and always try to download through a magnet link if available there in the option, It will let you download faster.

If you still have  Problem in downloading your file via torrent clients, then read this detailed post on using torrents.

Now, let me come to the current topic which is the best torrenting site list for 2016. There is a swarm of torrent tracker sites available out there and I am writing the post about that site list, so don’t worry at the end of this post you have the latest and updated torrent tracker sites list which are more reliable.

Best and Updated Torrent Site List 2016.

So the Ranking starts Here . This ranking is based on the various factor like traffic and reliability, data is gathered from different sources and crossed checked so this will be the most authentic list. We are updating here the latest updated list of the best torrent tracker sites.

#1. KickassTorrents – Best Torrent Site 2016.

In my List Kickasstorrents than The Piratebay  according to the latest data it has left behind the piratebay last year and is more reliable. Emerged in 2009 got lots of fame but due censorship problem, it has been operational through different domains. At present it is running on Costa Rica .cr domain after being penalized for .so Address (Somalian). Only there is one issue with this torrent tracker is that this site is banned in many countries and you have to use proxies server or VPN for using Kickasstoreents.

Quick Metrics of the Kickasstorrent.

Alexa: 79.
Semrush: 7275.

Hallmark of this This best torrent download site.

Adfree User Experience without pop ads and trustable.

Easy to Navigate and best for games.

Community Supported.

#2 The Pirate Bay – 2nd Best Torrent download website

This is the most popular  website when we talk about the best torrenting sites 2016 we cannot forget about The Pirate bay.  It is one of the biggest directory for movies, PC games, computer software, music and much more. You can find anything there just type and search. It also give you the power to filter your searches for specific file types. Currently it is running on “www.thepiratebay.se” domain. Looking upon its feature in my opinion this is the best torrent download site. In spite of being a Piracy hub still its SSL is encrypted for Spam attacks.

Link: The Pirate Bay.

Quick Metrics of The pirate bay.

Alexa: 255.

Semrush: 468.

Feature of this torrent download site.

A Good Torrent tracker site for the mac software.

Ad free website.

Works on a fine search algorithm which brings the best search result for your queries.

#3 Torrentz ( Torrentz.eu)

This is also one the best torrent tracker, in fact it is the best meta-search engine torrent site for a long time. Actually Torrentz works like a search engine and it let its users to search for any file and then shows the relevant results from other torrent sites also and by this way you can download any torrent file in very less time. So, we have placed it at the third position in the torrent sites ranking for 2016. However, sometimes it will let you in confusion by showing many options for you to choose the one.

Link: Torrentz

Quick Metrics of Torrentz.

Alexa: 214.

Google Page Rank: 6.

#4 Extratorrent

Extratorrent acquires the fourth place in out torrent sites ranking as it is also a reliable source of torrent files. This site has lots of torrents list. It has faced many problems in the past but still an awesome site. It has its own live chat support system and a community for its users. You can also find smartphone app here at extratorrent. Due to its pirating feature it is banned in some countries and needs proxies or VPN to get access.

Alexa: 480 .

link: Extratorrent .

#5 Yify Torrents.

Yiffy tottents is a another big hit in the list of torrent downloading sites. It is just a three years old site but gained a huge popularity due to its feature. You can check this site if you wish to watch latest movies. It has many outstanding features like live chat, Facebook page and others cool features. It is one of the safest torrent tracker for getting torrent files easily.

Alexa: 2451 .

Site: Ur: www.yify-torrent.org



This torrent downloading site is specially designed for TV Shows you can get your favourite tv shows here easily. So if you are a serial or show lover EZTV is a Jackpot for you. It is very easy to use this site and you can download a file even without registration from here that is the best feature of this site which put it at the sixth in the list of torrent sites.

Alexa: 1454.

Website Link:  ww.eztv.ag.

#7 TorrentHound

Torrent hound is also getting popularity slowly but steadily. It is a gateway to more than 80k torrent files and more than 30k seeders. You can’t try this site for once and be a fan. The homepage of torrenthound is full of list showing most downloaded files list and you can find the latest files also there. A torrent site with awesome user-interface.

Alexa: 3289

PR: 4

Website : www.torrenthound.com

#8 Bitsnoop- A awesome torrent site

When it comes the matter of safer torrent sites, bitsnoop holds the place as it is more reliable, because it has a team which checks and removes trojan and virus out of the network. Browse Queen recommends this site for torrent files to its users, and so it is placed in the top 10 torrent sites.

Alexa: 4857

PR: 5

Link: bitsnoop.com

#9  1337x – Popular torrent site for movies.

Originally a community transformed into a best torrent hub. The files are uploaded by the community members has a wide range of media files. According to latest information most admins of this site has left it in the lurch due to some security issues and the future of this site is in the dark.

Alexa: 1161

Web link: 1337x.to

#10 Rarbg

Rarbg is a Bulgarian newcomer in the world of torrents, but still performing well and got the place 10 in Our best torrenting website ranking. It is possible due to its cool features which will make anyone go crazy. A wide collection of torrents related to movies, videos, games and softwares. But its visitors are often fed up by its pop-up ads. Apart from that it is nice website for getting torrent files of your choice and absolutely for free. It is also banned in some countries.

Alexa: 978

site url: rarbg.to

#11 Tor Lock

Torlock is the favourite of many users as it pays its users for reporting fake or malicious torrent files which makes its database spam free.  If you are looking for a torrent website free of trojans and other dangerous virus which may harm your computer then you must give tor lock a chance.

Alexa: 8283

PR: 4

Weblink: www.torlock.com

#12 Iso Hunt.

Iso hunt is another best file sharing torrent cloud site. It gives you access to countless no. of big and small files to be downloaded through any torrent client. Iso hunt first appeared in october 2009 means it is more than six years old and hence trustable one to get the torrents.

Alexa: 3715

Url: www.isohunt.to

#13 Lime Torrent

We have placed Lime torrent at the 13th place looking up to its features and dis-advantages. It came into existence in october 2013 and then growing bigger and bigger but still it has to move several stone in its way. You can also search for a book here and might be able to get, if available.

Alexa: 97457

Site Url: www.limetorrents.in

#14 Mini Nova

Mini Nova is another best place to get awesome torrents. This site can be used for getting Android games, apps and also for high quality free movies, videos and other stuff

Site link: www.mininova.org

#15 Summo Torrent

This comes at the no 15 in the BQ ranking list. It is a torrent search Engine and might be banned in your country.

Site url: www.sumotorrent.in

So above list is the best torrents and handy list of torrents websites, apart from these there are many such sites out there on the Internet but it is requested to users chose from these sites only as their might be possibility of getting hacked by trojans or other attacks. This list is prepared by BQ trained experts keeping in mind the various aspects of browsing safely. However it is requested to users to stop piracy and use these sites to share public files only and not any copyrighted files. This is only to maintain the Integrity of Internet.


Note: The information given here about the best torrent sites is only for knowledge basis and BrowsQueen is not responsible for your use. It is strongly recommended by BrowseQueen to support in stopping Piracy on the Internet and use the Internet sources correctly.

If you have any Query then you can drop your words in the comments,we really love to hear from You.



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  1. What we’ve got carried out, is spent numerous hours
    making an attempt out and testing each of those torrent sites alternatives inn
    an effort too determine which of them are respectable and which of them usually are not.

    • That’s why we have published this post, you can chose blindli on any one of them to get you favorite files.

  2. my favorite torrent site is MegafileTUBE , it would add to Your List!
    You can find it here:
    The divided and really good website , many languages ​​and research work also for torrent language! Fantastic !

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