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Hey Friends, The wait is finally over now,  Browse Queen is here with its cute post on the best 100 cute pet names for your boyfriend. This post is specially tailored for Sweet Ladies, wishing to call their boyfriend with the cool nicknames to show their love for him and make him feel special.

names for Cute Boyfriend

Cute Boyfriend

We know about you that you are the Queen of your life so why not make him feel like a king by giving a unique nickname. Pet names shows your love for him unless it is not selected wisely. In some instances your pet names for your  boyfriend becomes the means of his insult in his friends circle. So, choose wisely.

The Type of pet names which should not be used.

In this crowded world everyone wants to be unique and at least want to be treated as unique. So, if you call him with a common pet names like Darling, Baby, honey and etc. , it might bother him so  try to avoid such accustomed pet names and try with the one we have enlisted here. It is highly recommended  by the BrowseQueen editorial team to choose a pet name for your lovely boyfriend which best suits him.  It should not be too cute or too common, in a broad-sense you have to be a little bit selective.

Cute pet names for your Boyfriend

Loving was Easy

The best pet name for your boyfriend will be the one which is chosen by your heart. However we are providing here some of the cutest possible pet names and at the end of the post we will give you some exclusive ideas to get the best name for him.

Here at first we have gathered the best pet names for your lover (boyfriend)

Featured cute pet names for your boyfriend

Oreo – A sweet like  biscuits.

Night Light – With whom you fell safe even in the dangerous situation.

My Sweet Prince – It shows your love for him, when you call him your prince he will be delighted to hear it from you.

My Everything – It is very simple and common one but still it will let him feel out of the world so make him feel so.

Jellybean – Too cute, if he is so you can simply call him Jellybean.

McDreamy – This is a fictional character name of a american TV serial but still attractive.

Sweetum – Not a registered word but can add much emotion to your relationship

Ayana – This is actually a girl name but  you can use it for him too

Gianna – It is actually a female name but you can call him by love

Jewel – Everyone knows what it means.

Ryan – This is actually a name but you can use it too if you consider him as a ruler of his own life.

Benz – You can call him Benz which means the blessed one.

Let’s get out of the crowd from sticking around some common pet names and  call him by a unique by picking one from the names shared above. If you are looking for some more unique and love showering names then continue to this post.

cool names for boyfriend

Calling him with a special name- Sweetum

 French love Names for boyfriend – You can use it for him too.

Mon chéri – This means my darling but my darling is common so instead you can use Mon chéri, how cute?

Mon nounours – It means my Teddy Bear in english.

Mon Amour – This one is my favourite and it means “my love” in english. You too can tell your boyfriend to call you “Mon Ange” which means my angel.

Mon coeur – This one is perfect as it means my heart.

Doudou – A blankie

Winnie – A perfect name for him.

So these are some of the unique and awesome pet names from which you can pick one for your boyfriend. However if you don’t find any of these ones catchy or attractive, then don’t worry BrowseQueen will help you to chose the best one.

best names for your lover

Othello will be a nice Option.

Browse Queen Reveals the Secret of choosing best name for your lover boy..

A cute relationship needs not somee big things but it needs each and every small things  to be done in a very special way.

The Tips for cute Selection

  1. You can also give him a sweet name from the character of his favorite films, novels or any other,  like “Ellen” if Twilght is his favourite one.
  2. The best way to give a unique name is the chosing one which signifies his quality and if you want a help in this then go through our list of names based on quality at the end of this post.
  3. You can also carved out some unique from his name by adding some more suffix words to it, like Jhonny for John.
  4. You can also call him by the abbreviated form of his name like “AQ for Alex Quoro”. However it is a little bit old method but still in fashion.
  5. You can trim a nickname out of your boyfriend real name, as for example if his real name is Aryan, you can simply call him Ryan, how cool? If his name is Shivam you can cut it to make “Sam”.
  6. Choosing a perfect love name for your boyfriend must be a matter of  individual choice and must be unique.
  7. Avoid a nickname that shows some negativity or some other offensive characteristics if he does have any.
Call him by a pet name

It is nice to be stupid sometimes

So now have look at some of the most widely used pet names that you can use for your Boyfriend – The love of your life.


If you are a little bit Alphabetic so we have grouped these names According to the Alphabet for you.

Cute Names starting with “A”

  1. Amante –  In spanish it means Lover.
  2. Amore Mio – My lover in Italian
  3. Amigo – A spanish word signifying a Friend but brought from Amare which means to love.
  4. Adorable – A common word but yet attractive one to show your gratitude for being with you.
  5. Apple – This fruit name is really a nice one to be picked for him, If he is fruitish.
  6. Angie – If he calls you an Angel, this will be a nice for him.

Pet Names starting with the Letter “B”

  1. Beloved – One of my favorite names.
  2. Bad Boy – If he is a  bit naughty then give this name to him, appreciation from him is guaranteed.
  3. Bitsy
  4. Brownsugar
  5. Buddy
  6. Bunny
  7. Binky – The best way to appreciate him if he pacify you.
  8. Baby doll – This is Girly but still you can use it for him to show your excess love for him.
  9. Bestie
  10. Butternut
  11. Blossoms
  12. Brown eyes

Bello – A Italian Word which means Good looking man

Starting With letter “C”

  1. Chocolatey
  2. Cutiepie
  3. Chief
  4. Chikna
  5. Cuddler
  6. Champu
  7. Cindu
  8. Cyano
  9. Clair
  10. Cece
  11. Chief

Cut lover names starting with letter  “D”

  1. Destiny –
  2. Dosu
  3. Dan
  4. Darling
  5. Dev
  6. Devil

Starting With “E”

  1. Enrique – Call her with your favorite singer name if Enrique Iglesias is the one.
  2. Emperor – Call him with this name and make him feel that he is very special for you and bring happiness on his face.
  3. My Everything – As discussed earlier this will take him to the sky.
  4. Exotic – Sounds Dirty but attractive.


  1. Flair – Adds weight to his personality if you call him a flair.
  2. Flame – As shiny as the flame of your emotion so why not call him flame.
  3. Fun2shh – A humorous name to tease him by love.


  1. G – Simply call him G and when he ask what does i mean tell him G for Gorgeous.
  2. Gorgeous – It is very attracting to pronounce Hey Gorgeous, try it once by yourself.
  3. Gamm – A self made name.


  1. Hero – A common but still selective to be spoken.
  2. Honey – What is more sweeter than calling him your honey. Yeah.
  3. Hot Shot- This will really impress him and it is advised to add the special feeling while speaking this “Hot Shot”
  4. Honey Bunny – If honey is not much you can add Bunny to make it more loving.
  5. Honey Pants – Not satisfied with honey bunny try the honey pants this will really work for you and for your wishess too.
  6. Hot Lips – Call him with this unique name but avoid its use in Public or as you think good for you then go on anywhere.
  7. Heart Throb – What else can you say apart from this name, it is unique and add much emotion to itself.
  8. Hubby – Better say it to your husband according to me it doesn’t suit to most of the guy and they hate calling themselves hubby, it sometimes sounds like hobby.
  9. Hubbs – Instead of Hubby you can say Hubbs.
  10. Hot Stuffs – This is the latest trend, hot stuffs sounds good.





  1. Kissmetrics – An Uncommon name but attractive one
  2. Kissy – A more romantic one
  3. King – An odd one BQ doesn’t recommend this one it is out of fashion now.
  4. Killer – It is good to call your boyfriend havng a killer look.
  5. Kiddy – If he behaves like a kid then give this perfecct name to him  “Hey Kiddy”


  1. Loveler – A BQ made name.
  2. Lifeline – Make him feel out of the world by saying that he is your lifeline.
  3. Lover Boy – Hey you lover Boy.
  4. Lulu – To cute to  pronunce LULU.
  5. Love of my Life – Actually this isn’t only a name but a full sentence expressing your emotion.
  6. Lattu – A hindi word meaning spinning top you can say it for your man.


  1. Marshmallow – The most famous one for soft heart.
  2. Moonlight – What else you can say, just explain you are the moon and he is your light.
  3. Some other Common Names with M
  4. My Love
  5. My Sunshine
  6. My Drug
  7. My Heart
  8. My world
  9. My Heaven
  10. My Prince
  11. Musclema.


  1. Neo – Call him Neo and be his Trinity
  2. Nemo – For those whom you don’t wana lose.
  3. Naughty.


  1. Othello – A name of book by William Shakespeare.
  2. Omni – If he looks everywhere to you.
  3. Other Half.


  1. Playboy.
  2. Pancakes
  3. Poppy
  4. Popsugar
  5. Pirate
  6. Pickle
  7. Prince Charming.


  1. Romeo
  2. Rocky
  3. Rockstar
  4. Riz
  5. Rio
  6. Roadster – If he loves biking.


  1. SoulMate
  2. Stud
  3. Sugar
  4. ShotGun
  5. Soldier

Votes for the following is going on, will be updated soon..








This is it. Hope you have enjoyed the post if you have any story related to the names of your boyfriend, you can leave it in the comments with your name we will love to hear from you. The selected story will be Pinned with this post with the proper credits to you. Waiting to hear from you.



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