50+ Awesome Questions to Ask a Guy

If you have run out of ideas for the interesting questions to ask a guy, then you are at the right place. We have brought something really interesting for you. As we know, You have faced many problems while trying to know everything about the guy you love. So these questions will  help you a lot and bring him closer to your heart.

Best Questions to ask a guy

Best Questions to ask a guy

By asking these questions  you will know your crush better and it will help you to choosing the best one and if you think he is already the best then these questions will let you understand him even more better. Believe me you are thankful to us if you would try these questions with your man. So here is the Gem…

Best Questions to Ask a Guy you love.

Love Questions

Love Conversation

Q#1 What is the meaning of a Best Friend according to you?

This question will test what he thinks important in a friendship, coz love cannot have any place without friendship.

Q#2 What are the things that make you smile or happy ?

According to me this is the best question to ask. He will feel being loved and in bonus you will get know how to turn him when he is in off-mood.

Q#3 If you could live your childhood again, in what way you want to live it?

This is good because he might not have thought himself that what he is going to do if he get the chance to live his childhood again.

Q#4 If you are given a choice of profession selection then what will you want to be?

This will reveal his hearty interest and desires about what he wanted to be in life.

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Benig In Love

Q#4 Is there anything that I should Know ?

He will think about his emotions and anything else which he wants to share with you but colud not.

Q#5 What habbit you think is your worst one and want to change it.

Q#6 What are your weak points?

Q#7 Which one you choose either being Rich or being Famous?

Keep a condition with this question that you could only be any one of these two, either rich or famous. If I have to answer then I want to be rich and once I will be a rich who will stop me from being  famous hahah..

Q#8 Which is the song that you want to hear for your whole life?

Songs have been used to communicate with your loved ones since the days of past and always will. So know what he wants tell you indirectly with the theme of the song.

Best Answer:  If I have to answer it, I will answer it differently I will put a condition that there is two option one with you and the other without you. There is much meaning in this small sentence, only serious lovers will nail it.

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Love Walk

Now have a look at some more Cute Questions For Your Man

Q#9 what is  the worst thing that has ever happened with you in the past?

Q#10 If you could born again, In which country  would you like to be born?

Q#11 If you have do describe yourself in three words what it would  be ?

Q#12 According to you what is the specialty of your Family ?

Q#13 Is there anyone who knows your all secrets?

Q#14 Suppose if you got millions or trillions of dollar rupees, what will you do with that money?

Q#15 Have you ever been emotional at any movie scene, what was that?

Q#16 What do you think about love at first sight ?

Q#17  What do you notice in a girl at the first look?

Q#18 Will you accept me if  I cheat on you ?

Q#19 Do you have any other pet name? Who gave you that name?

Cute couples

Funny questions For Couples

Forbest pet-names see our post on best pet names for your boyfriend

Q#20 What Superpower would you wish to get for one day.

Q#21 If it happend tell me about your first Kiss.

Q#22 If you come to know that you have only one week left, what would you like to do then?

Q#23 Which game would you like to play with me?

Q#24 Which season you like the most, and would you prefer to that it will remain throughout the year?

Q#25 How would you like to celebrate your first anniversary?

Good Couple

Good Couple

Q#26 What is the most daring or craziest thing that you have ever done or wish to do it in future?

Q#27  Tell me about your first Crush, How’s she looks and what made you crazy about her?

Q#28 Do you have any scary moments from your past?

Q#29  What is your biggest pet peeve?

Q#30 What is your dream job that you like to have?

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Cutest LoveBirds

Q#31  Have you ever felt Biased or Prejudiced in any aspect?

Q#32 What are the things that make you nervous?

Q#33 How and where would you like to have your first Kiss?

Q#34 What are the Qualities and nature do you wish to be in your perfect girlfriend?

Q#35 How would you like to spend a Rainy day with me?

Unique couples

Unique couple’s Best Questions

Q#36 How can you define the word Intimate from yours perspective?

Q#36 If I will be lost what will you do to find me back?

Q#37 Which is your favourite Car?

Q#38 What is the funniest thing you have ever been a part of done or said?

Q#39 What is your biggest regret of your Life, you wish to change?

Q#40 What is the best song of your life you think ever sing it when you are alone?

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Awesome Begins Here

Q#41 Which is your favourite car and with whom you would like to go on a long drive first if you get the one?

Q#41 What are your Weak points tell me honestly if you have any?

Q#42  Have you ever cheated in your school exams to get good marks?

Q#43 Which food do you like the most?

Q#44  What according to you is the best  in you and you should proud on that?

Q#45 What would you do if you get huge amount of money and that money is all yours?

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Just No Words

Q#46 Do you see your future with me?

Q#47 Have I ever crossed your mind in your Dream?

Q#48 If I am all yours what is the first thing you would like to do with me?

Q#49 What makes you feel insecure and for ?

Q#50 Whta are the things you find most attractive in a woman?

Good questions to ask during conversation

Unforgettable Moments

So these are some of the main highlights of the questions to ask a guy, However be careful while asking these questions some of them might go wrong and it depends on person to person. It is better to be creative with your own mind and the questions which will come from your heart are priceless and you won’t get such questions on the net. You can only take ideas from the Internet sources.

Some Quick tips While Asking Such Questions to your Guy

Always be attentive to the answers of your man with full keenness.

Prefer open-end Questions to keep the conversation going on and avoid the Close-end Questions.

The opinion should be respected, however it differs from yours because everyone thinks differently.

Avoid double meaning question at your first date or in initial days, because you know it may harm your image.

Don’t force too much if your guy doesn’t want to answer some of questions.

And most importantly, strictly avoid asking such question that you too wouldn’t want to answer, I know you are understanding the Point.

Cute love Questions

TheUncotnrolled Emotion

 Things to keep in mind before you choose questions to ask a guy.

You  know him better than anyone else, so avoid such questions which might hurt him.

Be prepared for the outcome, you might be hurt by the unexpected answers.

You must say This at the last

This is it Friends,  We will love if you share your perfect questions and the memories with your photos in the comments below, we will pin your story with our post.

Thanks for Reading.

Jack Cyrus

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