How to Unblock Websites at School or at Any Restricted Place

As the title already cleared How to Unblock websites at School or at any restricted place where browsing of some websites are prohibited. As for example Facebook has not much use in study so a school might restrict it from being used on its network.

Some Websites are also banned by government or other business entity for a varied reasons, the Censorship of contents might be the one,  like Chinese government has even banned google to filter search results. So it becomes a tough task for users to access blocked websites. Don’t Worry there is always a trick for the crack, so by following the below discussed easy methods you can easily access blocked websites.

These methods will mask your identity and you will browse the blocked websites anonymously.

 Methods to unblock Websites at restricted places .

Way1 – Using a Proxy Websites.

Actually proxy servers are intermediary between clients and resources servers. It was originally developed for security reasons to surf website anonymously.It hides the ip Address of the user and so the target wesite cannot be blocked on the network where it is banned. Many free and paid proxies websites are available there and you can use them. Paid proxies are faster as compared to the free ones.

You may use this proxie to surf blocked Websites Anonymouse.

However as this method is open to all and so many proxies sites are might be banned on your network but there is also many different proxies are available there you just need to find the right one.

Get a List of top 100 Proxie Server

This is the best way to browse

Learn more on how to use Proxy Servers.

Way2 – Using GoogleTranslate .

This is the  easiest method to get access on to a blocked website using the the translate service provided by Google, Bing or Yahoo. To access the blocked website via translate method follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Translate service,  you can opt for chose Either Google translate or Yahoo! Babel Fish.
  2. Directly type the Url of the blocked website you wanaa visit.
  3. Choose the Language Options in the “translate from” and “translate to” menu. In the “translate from” section choose the language different from your current language and in the “translate to” section chose English or a any other language of your choice.

Way3 – Using a VPN software.

This is the safest and guaranteed way that can give you access to any restricted websites in your region. Only thing you need is a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software, like HMA . The VPN software mask Your Ip address according to the choice of yours and hence you can visit the blocked websites easily. But this method will cost you money as most of the VPN software not free and you have to spend some bucks to use them, however Hotspotshield is a free alternative .

Way4 – By Ip hider softwares .

This method will also help you to browse internet  unanimously as this will hide your public Ip address. This method also comes in handy when a particular Ip Address is blocked.

Way5 – The Wayback Machine .

You can browse any website with the free Way Back Machine get there . Just type the url of the website in the wayback Machine . It will show the archived version of the website . You can also have a look at how a website is in the past via this method .

Way6 – By Opera Mini Simulator .

Everyone is already familiar with the Opera Mini  Simulator , Which is known for its performance even in slow net connections, this is mainly because opera accesses data from its own web servers. So it will not restrict you from using any restricted website.

Note: This method might not work for all websites and locations.

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