White spots on Skin – Hidden Facts you don’t Know

Skin pigmentation And White spots

White spots on Skin - Hidden Facts you don't Know

White spots on Skin – Hidden Facts you don’t Know

White Spots on Skin is really so embarrassing, it give the same feeling as that of a dented car having different painted patches . A large number of people in the world is facing the problem of white spots on skin . Many of them have lost their hope and are living with the spot . But Don’t Worry we are here with the full guide which includes – causes , types and lastly cure of these dirty White Spots .

Actually White spot resemble the loss of skin pigmentation over a small or large patches on skin . This can happen due to many reasons and the most common among them is vitiligo .

White spots  can occur on any parts of your body as for example most common are ” little white spots on skin”  other one  “white spots on hands” , and the  “white spots on  face ” . Lets dig out inside these scary White Spot in detail.

What Causes White Spots on Skin .

As already said the white spot caused due to loss of skin pigmentation , and this skin pigment loss can be happen due to many reasons some of them are mentioned below.


Deficiency of Calcium and Vitamins such as Vitamin D and E is also a cause for the loss of skin pigmentation and hence create white spot on face and hands . These white patches are completely harmless but care has to be taken to remove them by taking proper healthy diet .

Treatment: A proper Dietary  Supplement must be followd for Healthy skin .


This another complex cause for white patches of skin . Under this condition Skin loses its colour when the pigment producing cells are depleted due to absence of a specific amino acid called Tyrosine,  .as a result formation of melanin gets inhibited and blemishes forms on the skin.

Treatment: A certain medication can be taken to cure it and there is also cream for white spots on skin , which can be applied on the affected area .

Tinea Versicolor

It is also a common harmless white spot skin disease caused by Yeast infection . Malasezzia is the primary yeast responsible for the Tinea Versicolor .  Moist, Oily and Warm skin encourages the growth of yeast and henc the white spot .

Vitiligo – white spots on skin vitiligo

This is the dangerous among all causes of white spots on skin . Loss of skin pigmentation by the destruction of melanocytes cells which is responsible for the production of melanin . The exact cause why it happens is still unknown hence the complete treatment is also not possible , that’s why i have said it most dangerous in the beginning .

Treatment: A doctor can easily diagnose vitiligo by the physical examination . Treatment can be done by improving the physical appearance of the skin by using cosmetics , re-pigmentation using phototherapy,  or another treatment includes skin grafting and reducing the pigmentation of unaffected area to match the affected ones .

So , you are now familiar to the common causes of white spots on skin . some of the treatments also mentioned there .

Now let me show you about the problem you might be searching for .

What causes white spots on face

I have remembered the day it was winter season and on a morning in the end of November  while having brush I discovered white spots on my face in the mirror , I was so scared about that my face will soon turn ugly by these white patches . But that was not so serious as  was taking . I had consulted a doctor and he assured me that this gonna be normal in few months and he gave me a recipe for the treatment I am sharing here for you.

Note: This treatment is for white spot caused due to the  gases which we exhale while breathing out in winter season. however these methods are useful in other conditions also .

Some Home treatments

Mix some turmeric powder with mustard oil and apply to the affected area daily.  Applly to all over your facial area.

You can try with neem leaves, crush neem leaves and mix it with turmeric and water and apply twice a day for better results

You can use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar for the treatment of white spot . Just add some water to apple cider to make it diluted  or Mix vinegar with water in the ratio of 2:1 and apply over the patches three to five times daily for effective results .

Honey can also be effective in the treatment just apply honey over the affected area with the help of cotton and let it be soaked . You will get the results fast .

So these are some of the effective and tested Home remedies which you can apply to get rid of those scary white spots on skin.

There are certain cream for white spots on skin are also available in the market which promises to remove white patches. Choose the products wisely after reading a number of reviews and testimonials. You can also take the help of your dermatologist to know the other side effects and authenticity of such creams .

If you have any doubts about the  white blemishes on face or body then let us know via the comments below . We will really to love to help our readers and that’s why we are here .

Cheers and live healthy.

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